General Challenge

Kiosks are everywhere today. We see them inside quick-service restaurants, inside healthcare facilities and along outdoor thorofares on university campuses. With seemingly endless possibilities for both indoor and outdoor applications and an increasing array of kiosk applications, the need to carefully diversify product offerings to suit each environment and deployment has never been greater.

Outdoor kiosk designs should prioritize environmental conditions, beginning with temperatures. Heat, cold and humidity can be brutal, and that means choosing displays that are proven to withstand harsh conditions. Many customers want media players and network components integrated into the kiosk structure to support digital signage or wayfinding content, along with a stable internet connection. These components must be rated from -30c to 50c at 85% relative humidity to ensure reliable uptime and consistent operation.

Indoor kiosks are much more forgiving as heat and humidity levels are far more consistent. Standard commercial displays and integrated components can be used for indoor environments. Indoor kiosks are also typically much less expensive since they are installed in more stable environments.


Palmer Digital Group (PDG) has strategically developed a complete range of indoor and outdoor kiosks that continue to surprise and delight both our customers and their audiences. Our outdoor kiosks designs are the sleekest and most cost-effective on the market thanks to our exhaustive research on the proper display and integrated components. Our carefully selected components require no AC units or heat exhaust fans. The result is an outdoor kiosk that is much more narrow and less bulky than others on the market today. Meanwhile, our indoor kiosks offer similarly thin profile that are easy to install and position strategically in heavy foot-traffic areas, such as inside entryways, adjacent to aisles, or centralized within spacious lobbies.

Vertical Applications

Here are just some of the many ways that PDG indoor and outdoor kiosks help businesses and organizations today:

  • Patient check-in and wayfinding applications in hospitals and healthcare facilities. For large hospital installations, PDG often provides polished stainless-steel kiosks – an option that most kiosk suppliers simply do not offer.
  • Wayfinding and historical information applications with interactive flourishes to engage visitors and students on K12 and university campuses. K-12 schools will also publish school announcements and cafeteria menus for students, while higher ed institutions distribute announcements to outdoor kiosks in areas with heavy student foot traffic.
  • Advertising, couponing and promotional opportunities to attract consumers inside grocery stores and retail environments. In larger retail environments such as shopping malls and outdoor centers, kiosks add a personal touch alongside wayfinding applications by informing shoppers of a retailer’s products, sales and other offerings.
  • In-store ordering and menu presentation in quick-service and fast casual restaurants.
  • No matter the application, PDG is on the cutting edge of kiosk design. One example is the research and development of P-Cap touch displays for outdoor applications, which have proven to be more consistent with faster response than IR touch displays, while offering a longer lifespan for the end customer.

PDG Value Proposition

“PDG not only manufactures the highest quality indoor and outdoor kiosks, but we also integrate and commission everything we make for customers that’s choose our site planning and installation services. We also partner with the most innovative CMS companies on the market to provide customers with flexible options that best meet their requirements, or give our customers the freedom to work with their preferred CMS vendor. Our lead times and customer service has been quoted as being the best in the industry, and communication and follow through are the rules that every PDG employee stands by no matter how big or small the job,” said Chuck Lewis, Vice President, Palmer Digital Group.