Customer Challenge

A high-end premium outlet group with hundreds of North American locations has rolled out a winning strategy for kiosk deployment across its entire chain, bringing consumer-friendly indoor and outdoor touchscreens to guide shoppers through their journeys. With challenging delivery timelines and a specific vision for the appearance and operability of each kiosk, the customer required an all-in-one solutions provider who could build, and customize each kiosk design to be installed in time for the spring shopping season.


Palmer Digital Group (PDG) offers a complete range of indoor and outdoor kiosks that were born from specific design requests from partners. Upon being approached by this customer, PDG worked with their custom team to design a complete custom kiosk solution for both environments. The indoor kiosks will provide back-to-back presentation to shoppers and support 65” touch displays along with media players, sensors, camera and LED accents. The outdoor kiosks will support the same integrated components, but will integrate 75” outdoor rated touch displays. These systems will also be manufactured to PDG’s kiosk standards, featuring components rated from -30c to 50c at 85% relative humidity to ensure reliable uptime and consistent operation.


  • Custom kiosk designs that suit each retail environment and entice shoppers to engage and interact
  • Structural designs that are robust yet easy to install and position in heavy foot-traffic areas
  • Minimal manufacturing lead times ensure on-time delivery and installation that adhere to installation timelines
  • Carefully selected components require no AC units or heat exhaust fans, reducing power consumption and utility costs
  • Special powder to seal outdoor kiosks for protection against UV rays, snow, rock salt and dirt

PDG Value Proposition

“Unlike other digital kiosk manufacturers, PDG can help the customer design a unique and custom kiosk that matches their brand’s needs. The end user can also pick their favorite display, media player and additional integrated components. Other kiosk manufactures only use specific displays and integrated components that the end user cannot change. The bottom line is that we listen to our partners’ needs and design standard digital kiosks based upon the most popular requests,” said Chuck Lewis, Vice President, Palmer Digital Group.