Aurora, Illinois, February 7, 2024 — Palmer Digital Group, a full-service supplier and installer of custom indoor and outdoor digital kiosks, display enclosures and drive-thru digital menu boards, has won additional digital menu board business with iconic ice cream shop Rainbow Cone, a Chicagoland institution since 1926. Following last spring’s announcement that Palmer Digital Group (PDG) would customize a canopy menu board structure with Rainbow Cone’s enduring pink polka dots, PDG’s ability to represent the brand through its custom color techniques has extended the outdoor digital menu board project to several new locations in Illinois and Florida.

Palmer Digital Group is now preparing an installation for a new Rainbow Cone in Flossmoor, Illinois that will open next month, with additional Illinois and several Florida installations scheduled for late 2024. Each Rainbow Cone outdoor digital menu board will be painted with the brand’s pink colors, recognizable to several generations of customers in the Chicago area. Palmer Digital Group will install its QSRDMB246 double digital menu boards, featuring two 46-inch display screens to present dynamic menu board content and IP56-rated structures to protect integrated technologies from water, dirt and other intrusions.

“Rainbow Cone has used a variety of pink colors over the years to represent their brand,” said Chuck Lewis, Vice President, Palmer Digital Group. “The PDG team performed a color study, which began by visiting several stores to match the most common pink to a Pantone color. We found slight variations in pinks between some stores, and we established an ideal medium to use for all upcoming menu board designs. We then had powder matched to this color, which we used to paint their drive thru digital menu boards.”

Identifying the Pantone color is critical to perfect color matching. The Pantone Matching System standardizes more than 1100 colors and assigns a number and name to each one, which helps manufacturers like PDG that offer custom colors in their product designs match the customer’s exact specification. Once PDG matches the existing store colors to a Pantone color, the engineering team converts to an RAL color. RAL colors are used by companies like PDG to define standard and match colors for powder, which PDG ultimately uses as its coatings for outdoor digital drive thru systems.

Lewis adds that PDG uses a highly durable polyester powder for its coatings, extending the longevity of the finish. “It’s a more expensive powder and therefore is not often used for menu boards, but using this powder ensures a lifespan of at least 10 years with no rust buildup.”

PDG has also installed outdoor digital menu boards for Rainbow Cone at several dual-concept Bouna/Rainbow Cone locations, including the most recent opening in Valparaiso, Illinois. Bouna (Bouna Beef) is a fast-casual chain specializing in Chicago flavors, including its signature Italian beef sandwich.

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