A Texas-based gourmet pastry chain reached a natural end point with static menu boards. With more than 300 primarily franchise-owned shops in eight states, updating static drive-thru menu board content proved increasingly arduous. Printed graphics were cumbersome to replace, delaying the presentation of new menu items while promotional elements grew stale. Pricing changes on outdoor menu boards became harder to manage as modern business dynamics intensified fluctuations. Manual updates were even required at shops that already had indoor digital menu boards, as these older systems required adding new USB sticks to displays as menu items or prices changed.

Scope of Work

Palmer Digital Group (PDG) developed a whole-store digital menu board solution to help the client keep pace with changing menu board items across all locations. PDG’s full-service approach modernized indoor and outdoor menu boards, reducing the stress of manual intervention and maintenance while enhancing the customer experience through dynamic visual content. PDG’s project management expertise also ensured that stores without general contractors had an experienced installation team at their service to manage all logistics onsite.



  • PDG digitized indoor and outdoor menu board solutions established a foundation to enable immediate updates of menu items, prices and more through cloud-based digital signage software
  • Local personnel is no longer burdened with swapping out USB sticks or replacing static menu boards with limited shelf life 
  • PDG’s modular pedestal mounts require only two technicians, eliminating the need for a crane or lift truck to install outdoor digital menu board systems and substantially reducing labor costs per site
  • PDG pedestal mount designs simplify power and data connections for menu board content which, along with modular designs, reduces installation times to approximately one hour
  • PDG pedestal mount designs protect but do not fully enclose the high-resolution Samsung displays used both indoors and outdoors, ensuring they perform and behave as designed
  • Dine-in, carry-out and drive-thru customers are drawn to compelling visual content, from up-to-date calorie counts to dynamic fade transitions between promotional menu items

PDG Value Proposition

“PDG’s whole-store systems approach takes the customer’s entire operation into account, with custom options that can support every type of drive-thru and indoor operation,” said Chuck Lewis, Vice President, Palmer Digital Group. “Upon first meeting with PDG at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) show in 2022, this customer communicated a desire to deploy indoor and outdoor platforms that would help them develop dynamic, up-to-date content and streamline operations across all locations. The fact that PDG could cost-efficiently manage installations at store locations that lacked their own contractors made PDG stand out from an increasingly crowded field of technology providers that lack full-service experience.”